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Windpowercentre is an independent facilitating company for (offshore) (windpower) industry.

All facilities can be rented on dayly, montly and projectbasis per m² against fair prices.

Windpowercentre offers a perfect site for assembly, revision, service and maintenance of wind turbines.
The maintenance building has a 50 ton crane, with a lifting hook at an altitude of 7 metres.
The 7,5 acre outdoor windturbine storage can easily be reached by extreme long and heavy transports.
Windpowercentre offers a wide range of facilities and activities together with third parties.
Windpowercentre: Your Partner in Harlingenseaport!

Windpowercentre is sited in Harlingen's new seaport, in the most northern part of the Netherlands.

Visit us at a one hour drive from Schiphol Airport.
Harlingen seaport is very well situated for potential Dutch and German Offshore windpark sites.
Harlingen is also a very good starting point for service and maintenance in the northern part of the Netherlands.
Due to its site, the harbour is very suitable for importing and exporting large wind turbines into the Netherlands.


As the wind blows sometimes from another direction, the company service other harbor involved activities as:

Special extreme transport, revision work for the 50 tons crane, exclusive large scale storage for offshore industry.



The managing director has over 20 years experience in wind energy business.

We are well informed about the (Dutch) market and we can help you with all kinds of questions.



The old harbour of Harlingen is a very nice place to be.

There are nice hotels and good Bed and Breakfast facilities in the neighbourhood in an excellent price range.

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Windpowercentre is a member of the Harlingen Seaport Business Association, Energy Valley

and Port Sponsor of The Tall Ships Races 2014 Organised by Sail Training International.






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